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  • Why Shop Local?

    Shopping Local is Rewarding!

    Invest In Your Community

    Keep Your Money Local

    This may seem like the obvious reason to shop locally, but there are some subtle ways that doing so affects your local economy that you may not realize. For instance, every dollar that you spend at a local, independent business returns three times more money to the local economy than if it had been spent at a large chain– and almost 50 times more than at the online mega retailers

    Keep Your Community Unique

    Sense Of Character

    Local shops also have a way of creating a sense of community. They create a kind of strength and character in neighborhoods. On this same note, local stores can help define a community and give it its own unique flavor and identity. Research shows that people are much more likely to visit places where there is a strong sense of local character, which obviously brings even more money into the community.

    Good Jobs

    Better Customer Service

    Small businesses provide more well-paying jobs for your friends and neighbors. These are jobs that they can care about and feel pride in what they do. When they feel this way about where they work, they are much more likely to treat customers with care and take pride in every interaction. It is always much more enjoyable to talk to the friendly barista at the local coffee shop than to yell at the clown at a drive-thru. It’s also not fun to haggle with a self checkout machine– I’ve tried.

    Support A Clean Environment

    & Local Causes

    Small businesses are typically small. They take up less land, consume less energy, carry locally made products and locate closer to residents to create less traffic and pollution. They are also much more likely to donate a substantial amount to local charities and foundations. In fact, non-profit organizations receive almost 250 percent more support from small businesses than they do from large corporations.

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